Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nails and how not to go insane while painting them

There a few things I like more than perfectly painted nails, and few things I hate more than spending 90 minutes painting them. Life is hard, isn’t it? To combat this, I’ve been through periods of getting shellac, followed by spending several hours chipping my nails off when the colour begins to chip. Getting my nails professionally manicured weekly is a nice idea, but is a pricey indulgence. I have resigned myself to my fate – learning to enjoy the process of doing my nails. Here are my top tips:

Multi-task //

Do something at the same time that won’t smudge your nails. Play Candy Crush, call your grandparents, catch up on YouTube videos or your favourite blogs. It’ll make the time go a lot quicker, I promise.

Dedicate time to it //

If I don’t have the time to completely redo my nails, I’ll remove existing varnish and go – I won’t tempt fate (and smudged nails) by repainting them just before heading out the door. Most of the time, I like to put aside a good chunk of time so I can let each layer dry completely. It roughly translates to a few minutes between base coat and each of the 2-3 colour coats, and then 20 for the top coat, just to make sure. 

Don’t risk ruining them //

Along the same lines as the tip before. Schedule any tasks that need to be done that might muck up your nails before you start painting – be that preparing dinner, taking out the bins, etc.

Invest in a good top coat //

Don’t make life anymore difficult for yourself than it has to be. Seek out a fast drying finishing coat, that also acts to prevent scratches and chips. I’m currently loving Sally Hansen Instadry Top Coat. 

Try and enjoy yourself //

If you’re like me and you groan at the prospect of nail painting, try and improve the situation. Buy shades you are excited to wear, and seek out good quality brands. When you’re working with quality products, the whole process becomes easier. Bin polishes when they become thick and gloopy – I find products usually have a shelf life of 8-10 months, so keep this in mind as well.

What are your tips for happy nail painting?
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