Thursday, 14 August 2014

How to grow and maintain long, healthy hair

Growing your hair long is a waiting game, certainly. Anyone patient enough can have waist-length hair after a certain period, if so desired. However, there are a few steps I wouldn’t miss to help your locks along, and once you’ve reached the ideal length, to keep them in tip-top shape.

While growing out your hair

-Look to your diet. Get a regular dose of salmon for omega-3 fatty acids, dark leafy greens for some vitamin A and C and nuts, for zinc. These all go to making your hair stronger and shinier.
-Consider taking hair, nail and skin supplements. They provide a lot of nutrients that may be lacking from your diet. I really like the Hairdresser's Formula's Food For Your Hair. 
Note these steps won’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, but they will certainly result in healthier and stronger growth.

Maintaining long hair

-The obvious one: avoid heated styling tools and don’t be too rough on your hair. These both damage the delicate hair follicle, wreaking havoc and leading to split ends and damage.
 -Tying your tresses up in a plait whilst sleeping to avoid a) damage from tossing and turning and b) tangles and crazy bed hair come the morning.
-Get regular hair cuts. It sounds counterproductive, but it’s no use having long hair if it’s not in a healthy state. Ask just for the ends trimmed – your hair growth between visits should surpass the amount taken off, I guarantee you.
- In the meantime, cut off your split ends when you see them. Buy a decent pair of hairdressers scissors – you don’t have to break the bank, but steer clear of regular paper scissors. I like to cut off any damage I see whilst watching videos or talking on the phone. It sounds mad, I know, but if it’s the price to pay for no split ends, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.
-Invest in a nourishing hair care routine, and a nourishing hair oil. I like to use my TangleTeezer (a brush specifically designed to avoid damage to wet hair) when applying my oil to more evenly apply the product.

So far, so good for me – my hair has grown a good bit this year, and it’s looking in good shape.

Any other long-haired girls with tips to share? How do you grow and maintain your hair?

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