Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Looking good while working out: a guide to makeup at the gym

Makeup at the gym is a tricky area to navigate - some are totally against it, while others cannot be in public without a full face on. In my opinion, the best approach is somewhere in between - wear some makeup, but not too much. Here are my tips on getting it right.

1. Don't overdo your base //
You sweat when you work out (obviously), and wearing a heavy foundation doesn't allow your skin to breath. This leads to clogged pores and breakouts - so avoid foundation as much as you can. I tend to stick to pinpoint concealing where I need it, and perhaps a swipe of light-reflecting concealer under my eyes.

2. Waterproof your eyes //
Personally, I can sort of get away with quite heavy eyeshadow and liner while doing exercise. Other oily-lidded girls can't, so if you have trouble keeping eye makeup on, maybe skip the smoky eye at the gym. Also, use your waterproof mascara to avoid panda eyes post-workout.

3. Keep your lips to a minimum //
Gloss or bright lips always seem to go everywhere when I work out. Maybe it's the general moving about and flaying of limbs that seem to always mess up my lipstick. And doing downward dog always seems to be a recipe for disaster in this regard. I'd recommend sticking to a matte balm.

4. Avoid blush //
Today's the day to whip out your bronzer. While you may look pretty with rosy cheeks pre-workout, I guarantee you won't need it when you're a sweaty, red mess afterwards. Bronzing your cheekbones and forehead is a nice alternative, to bring a least a little colour to your face.

5. Make it pretty in other ways //
I like to do something nice with my hair to make myself still look presentable. A simple french braid, for example, or a ribbon in your pony-tail are both good ideas. Likewise, I like to deck myself out in colourful workout gear, which not only inspires me to head to the gym, but makes me feel pretty snazzy once I'm there.

6. Post-work beauty //
Once you've finished your workout, there are a few steps I'd recommend taking.
a.Take a shower or at least apply as much deodorant as possible if you're in a rush.
b.Use a face wipe to get off sweat and dirt off your face. Properly cleanse as soon as possible.
c.Given you've cleansed your skin, put on some SPF protection. I always apply this powder sunscreen from Peter Thomas Roth afterwards. I have previously professed my love to this product, but to recap, it's a mineral  sunscreen that instantly begins protecting your skin. It also works to mattify your skin - win-win!
d.Spray on as much dry shampoo as you want, or need, or can.

And go on to enjoy the rest of your day, assured in the knowledge that you've gotten your daily exercise, and looked great while doing it!
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