Monday, 18 August 2014

Power duo: Indeed Laboratories’ Hydraluron + Origins’ GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer

Have you ever been so unlucky as to experience those little balls of rolled up product from when too many layers of skincare have been applied? I’m unsure if there is a technical name for this phenomenon, but it’s not a pretty sight. Having had this occur previously, I’d been reluctant to use more than one or two products in my morning skincare routine, sticking with a light sunscreen and moisturizer.

In happier news, I have since been able to add a serum into this combo. Such joy! The much feted Hydraluron is my favourite morning serum – light enough to avoid product overload, but still adding some hydration. Layered with Origin’s GinZing moisturizer, which smells gorgeous and citrus-y, my skin is nourished but not tacky. Winner.

What does your morning skincare routine consist of?
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