Thursday, 18 September 2014

Links I Love # 2

A while back I started a series called "Link I Love", where I pick out my favourite finds of the week for you to read. I've decided to make it a weekly post from now on - happy reading!

1. Caroline Hirons breaks it down //

This week, Caroline put out three new videos,  comprehensively cover one area of skincare - skin cleansers, exfoliating cleansers and acid toners. Required watching for anyone vaguely interested in skincare.

2. Choupette Lagerfeld does Shu Uemura //

A fellow makeup junkie and fellow cat enthusiast linked me this and it is just fantastic. Choupette Lagerfeld, feline ├ęgerie of Karl Lagerfeld, is the inspiration behind Shu Uemura's new beauty collection, dubbed "Shupette" in her honour. The range is to include furry fake lashes and the products have Choupette's little face printed on them. This is the fashion industry at its weirdest and most wonderful.

3. Jimmy Kimmel trolls New York fashion week //

If you were ever wondering whether fashionistas at major events were entirely legitimate, here is your answer. In this edition of "Lie Witness News", attendees of fashion week what they thought of the collection by Chandler Bing, Bartles and Jaymes (a US line of beverages) and to comment on outfits that don't exist. A modern example of The Emperor's New Clothes if there ever was one.

4. The perfect hair to work out in //

The Beauty Department do wonderful, simple tutorials of makeup and hair looks. This dutch braid bun is so pretty, but also keeps your hair out of your face while you exercise. I am very excited to try it out!
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