Friday, 3 October 2014

Links I Love #4

Where I bring you the best of this week in beauty!

The makeup from 'Clueless' //

Lisa Eldridge has been running a "Makeup Moments" post on her blog, where she interviews artists involved in the makeup of iconic film looks. This week she talked to Alan Friedman, who did the makeup for "Clueless" and it's fascinating stuff.

The art to combining colours in makeup //

I love makeup, and I do love a bit of theory as well, so I was pretty excited to see Sharon Farrell explain makeup colour theory. Basically, it's a breakdown of how colours should be used together in a look, all centred around hues, shades and tones. It's basic enough for those with no makeup training, but very informative and interesting.

Sali Hughes meets Aerin Lauder //

I can't believe I've only just discovered Sali Hughes - she is an absolutely wonderful, straight-talking goddess. I've been binge watching her YouTube tutorials and interviews of late, and really enjoyed her talk with Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of the famous Estée. Aerin has a bit of a Martha Stewart vibe to her (which I love) and is fascinating on her family legacy and equally, her own brand, AERIN. I've just purchased Sali Hughes' new book "Pretty Honest" and I'm incredibly excited to read more of her pearls of wisdom.
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