Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stila Convertible Colour

I had been a powder blush girl for basically ever (I had had a brief dalliance with a cream product that would last about 2 minutes on my face) before trying the Convertible Colour. But despite my apprehensions, this cream blush presently surprised me.

The Stila Convertible Colours are a dual lip and cheek product, that can be used as a blush or a light lip tint. All the shades are prettily named for flowers and I purchased the colour "Gerbera". It's a peachy colour that is a good deal less rosy than the blushes I usually gravitate towards, but I find it is a much subtler, natural look. On it's own, it does stay and not budge for a long time, although not quite as long as my powder blushes. But for a cream blush, it certainly is impressive.

I tend to use it under my powder products - like I mentioned here - because it tends to keep colour in the cheeks. "Gerbera" is so natural and lovely that it's most certainly not overbearing.

One thing I would note is that even though it's a dual lip and cheek product, it looked very strange on my lips - far too pale and didn't quite sit right. It could be a question of the shade, or my skin tone - at any rate, the product warrants purchase even just as a blush.

The Stila Convertible Colour is available here and in Mecca stores in Australia.
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