Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The "just in case" products

When I wrote about the four products that never leave my handbag, it got me thinking - what are the products I can't live without in my bathroom? Obviously, there are my foundations, my cleanser, my mascara, but I automatically thought of those products that, although you mightn't use them regularly, are always somewhere for me to use at a moment's notice. Call them the emergency, life saving products in my collection.

Spot treatment: Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion //

I first read about this in Zoe Foster's "Amazing Face" and have been a loyal user ever since. In short, it's a spot treatment. It is separated out into a translucent liquid and a pinky sediment, which are salicylic acid and calamine respectively. The salicylic acid exfoliates and unclogs the spot, while the calamine helps to heal it and prevent scarring. You dip a cotton bud in and apply to any blemishes, and I swear by the morning they will be far less noticeable.

After sun cream: Avène After-Sun Repair Lotion //

I am very passionate about protecting my skin from the sun. Fanatically, some might dare say. But I'm not perfect, and when I got a little bit too much sun in the European summer, I was so grateful to have this - it's wonderful cooling and repairing on burned skin. Hopefully, I learned my lesson...

Lip scrub: LUSH Mint Julips //

Many might balk at the idea of paying for what is essentially sugar granules and peppermint oil, but I like the convenience and the cute little pot. If I intend to wear a bold lipstick, this is what I reach for to ensure my lips are in top-top shape. Some advice, however, from experience - first, do not use this product in the shower, use it dry. That rookie error led me to have a soppy minty mess that didn't really scrub much at all. Secondly, don't lick this off your lips, no matter how delicious it smells. You'll be eating rubbed-off dead skin from your lips.

Tea tree oil: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil //

A tiny bottle of this will last you ages and will come in handy whenever you need to sterilise something. I tend to use it on blemishes and after getting my eyebrows waxed, to avoid bacteria getting into the fragile skin. The smell can be somewhat overwhelming, but you only need the tiniest amount at a time to do the job.

What are your just in case products?

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