Friday, 28 November 2014

Going without foundation

My skin for the most part is pretty good, with the odd blemish. It's recently dawned on me that I probably don't need as much product on my face as I use and that I most likely don't require quite so much coverage.

This has gotten me into thinking about how to get away with no foundation, especially as it can be such a faff to apply in summer.

Conceal well //

There may be great swathes of your face that don't need extra coverage, and others - blemishes, underlies, redness - that do. So instead opt for concealing those areas instead.

Add some glow //

If you rely on foundation for adding a bit of luminosity to your skin, I'd suggest a dedicated highlighter instead. I quite like popping some High Beam around the eyes, on the brow bone and down the cheekbones.

Use a light base instead //

I recognise that not everyone feels comfortable with their face so "naked" for whatever reason, be it acne, other skin conditions or other reasons. That is entirely valid and I respect that. But if you feel you can get away with it, I urge you to instead reach for a lighter base - a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream - because it looks so much more natural and flattering, especially in the daytime light.

Are you going to be opting for a no foundation face anytime soon?
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