Monday, 17 November 2014

Products for moisturising your hair when it's dry

I'm not sure if the slightly convoluted title of this post conveys what I mean. We are all very familiar with nourishing products applied when the hair is just washed and damp, but recently I've also been loving moisturising my hair when it is completely dry.

Funnily, it's often not my roots getting dirty that induces me to wash my hair. Once I get to about second-day hair, my ends get really dry and tangled. Here are some products I've been using to keep my hair feeling softer and more nourished. And I promise they won't make your hair feel greasy afterwards!

Phyto 7 Hydrating Cream //

I first heard about this via Lisa Eldridge, for whom it is one of her staple items for when she's on a plane. Take a 20c coin size piece of the cream, and rub it into the ends, brush through and you're good to go.

MoroccanOil Treatment Light //

This stuff is famous for making hair feel amazing when used after washing - but it's really good on dry locks as well. Don't be scared by the oiliness, if you only use a little bit and you brush it through well, it doesn't leave any residue,

René Furterer Protective Summer Oil //

You might have notice that I'm pretty fastidious in protecting my skin from the sun, but I never really considered how much the sun can dry out and damage hair. This oil is essentially a 'hair sunscreen' and will be invaluable to me, especially since we are about to head into the Australian summer. It also moisturises really nicely and has a beautiful tropical scent.

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