Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Essie's "On A Silver Platter"

If there is one time of year to go all out on your nails, it would most certainly be Christmas!

To get into the festive spirit, I've been wearing Essie's beautiful "On a silver platter" polish. It's a gold base, with blue glitter throughout that gives off different colours in the light. It is so gorgeous and so extravagant, yet also quite elegant.

I'm going to be getting as much use out of this colour during December because I feel once January rolls around, it might feel like a bit much.

The only criticism I would make is that it chips quite quickly, but this is to be expected of a glitter polish. Equally, glitter polishes are notoriously impossible to get off, so I'm not really looking forward to removing it. However, I did hear that applying a base coat of glue helps to get it off quick and painlessly - maybe a trick to try next time?

Essie's "On a silver platter" is available here and in Priceline stores in Australia.
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