Friday, 9 January 2015

Beauty products for your gym bag

I've previously covered how to look good while working out, but I thought it might be nice to have a sneak peek into what beauty products never leave my bag when I'm at the gym. I often have very limited time between exercising and having to dash off to work or uni, so I rely on a set of hard working products to get me looking presentable again in a matter of minutes.

Face wipes //

One of the only times I deem it acceptable to use face wipes is after exercise. It's important to get rid of sweat and grime, especially if you've been working out on equipment used by a lot of other people. If you have the time to do a proper cleanse, please do - if you are time poor, feel free to use wipes.

Sunscreen //

If you've sweated then cleansed your face, most - if not all  - of your SPF will have disappeared. Always keep a small tube of sunscreen in your bag so you don't forget to reapply.

Dry shampoo //

So you look a little more presentable and less sweaty, spritz in a big dose of dry shampoo into the roots of your hair. A lot of brands (such as Klorane and Batiste) have wonderful mini cans that are perfect to take around with you.

Concealer //

If you've been exercising, any redness or blemishes on your face will look even redder. Keep a heavy duty concealer packed to camouflage any imperfections and blotchiness.

What can't you live without in your gym bag?
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