Monday, 19 January 2015

Evening skincare routine - January 2015

Today I’m going through my summer evening skincare routine, although it’s not as different to what I use in winter as my morning routine is. That being said, I have moved on to new and exciting products I’ve discovered in the interim!

Eye makeup remover //

I go through these a lot and tend to flit between brands, really. I’ve yet to find an all-time favourite and I think a lot of its efficacy comes down to how you use it – patiently placing it on your eyes until the makeup has dissolved.

I was using this back in August and am finishing the last dregs now. I really like it to break down the bulk of my makeup before going in for a more thorough cleanse with a balm. When this is done, I will be switching to another balm product in its stead so  I’ll let you know how that fares.

After the cleansing oil, I go in with this to thoroughly purify my skin. It’s gentle, scent free and surprisingly quick and simple to use. If you’re interested, here’s my guide to cleansing with balms and cloths.

These Peter Thomas Roth pads contain glycolic and salicylic which clears away dead skin cells and permits all following products to sink in better.

Moisturiser // 

To add more moisture and to keep my skin soft, I love really rich moisturisers. I’m currently using this little Clarins tube I got in a travel pack, but am going to try out Origins Night-A-Mins next as I’ve heard it’s all sorts of wonderful!

Although it is summer, I still use oils to care for my skin. I tend to get a little dehydrated in warm weather so alongside drinking gallons of water a day, I reach for hydrating products as well.
What does your evening skincare routine look like?
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