Friday, 23 January 2015

Things I've Learnt Lately

I got into blogging because I felt I had some things to share, but also so I could learn a lot more. I've been reflecting of late on some of the new bits of wisdom and knowledge that have come into my life. It's only fair I share them all with you.

Wearing less foundation //

I did a blog post on this and it has changed my approach to makeup quite dramatically. I used to put on ALL of the products I could, because I could, but I've become a lot more thoughtful as to whether or not I really need a heavy base everyday. If you feel comfortable doing so, I encourage you to try a lighter-coverage foundation, or just concealer.

Stopping lashes clumping //

This is an oldie but a goodie. If you find mascara is really clumpy when you're applying it, wipe off the excess product on a tissue before use. It really helps to get off any unneeded products and also makes the bristles more effective at separating your lashes!

Avoiding breakouts when washing your hair //

Shampoos and conditioners often contain products that aren't too friendly on the skin and may lead to spots. Instead of washing your face before washing your hair, do it afterwards so you can cleanse off anything that might have gotten on your skin. It'll definitely help your skin stay clear.

Exfoliating your body before going into the shower //

I learnt this courtesy of Sali Hughes' amazing "Pretty Honest". Basically, if you use a scrub on your body once you are damp, it's not half as effective as rubbing it into dry skin then rinsing off in the shower. It's much rougher, but ensures a smoother result.

What have you learnt lately?
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