Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January 2015 Empties

Finishing up products is such a liberating feeling and what better time to do a good clear out than the beginning of the year? I’m trying to make a conscious effort to use up older products that I’ve been neglecting and keep my collection streamlined. Not sure how well I’ll go, but at least I’m making an effort.

The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil //

2014 was the year I established a thorough cleansing routine, eschewing cleansing wipes and foaming gels for products that are kinder to the skin. This product was a welcome new addition to my skincare routine. I loved this cleansing oil for breaking down my makeup at night before going in for a proper cleanse of my skin with a balm. If you’re looking for a quick but effective makeup remover, this may be for you.

When I was younger, I had quite unruly and fuzzy hair, so I’ve always been attracted to anything claiming to combat frizz. In recent years my hair has become thinner, straighter and smoother (I suspect due to getting it dyed), so frizz is less of a concern for me. Because of this, I couldn’t really judge how good a job this shampoo does, but it was an good product nonetheless.

This was beautiful – quick to sink in, nice smelling and very effective. I have fairly dry hands and a good layer of this before bed seemed to fix things up for the following 24 hours.

I got this little baby bottle in a Clarins travel pack and I used it as a night cream. I like to use a rich moisturiser before bed and this did the trick nicely. It wasn’t too heavy or too scented, either. I favour simple moisturisers with no bells and whistles, so if you’re looking for that as well, maybe give this one a try.

What products have you gotten to the end of lately?
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