Friday, 13 February 2015

My running playlist

I've decided that I want to talk about health and fitness more on this blog, because in my eyes they are an integral part of 'beauty', alongside makeup, skincare, haircare, and so forth. If you're looking to sweat out impurities from your skin, get a boost of circulation, reduce stress and anxiety (both of which are rubbish for your skin), exercise is what you need.

One of my goals for 2015 was to run a 12km race. My boyfriend and I have been running 2 to 3 times weekly since just before New Year and have just edged over the 7km mark - so we are getting there! Hopefully, talking about running here will keep me accountable - and perhaps some of you are interested to read about it as well.

I thought it might be fun to share my running playlist, as I always love to find out people's favourite workout music. I'm a little hesitant as I've always thought I had very uncool music tastes, but I think that all bets are off when it comes to music whose sole purpose is to stop me going crazy during a run.

Here goes!

Drumming Song - Florence and the Machine //

I've loved this since I was in school and it's been on my running playlist since then, so it has sort of become a "when you hear this, run faster" song. It's so good.

Crazy Right Now - Beyoncé feat. Jay Z //

This is here basically to make me happier, distract me from the pain and make me feel somewhat more glamorous, when I feel disgusting.

Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones //

When this song comes on, I try to run at the same pace as the beat, which is usually a good deal faster than I'm going at. Good motivation to run quicker, basically!

Lose Yourself - Eminem //

I recognise that this is potentially the most cliché motivational track that has ever existed - it's basically like having a mini pep-talk mid-run. I like to pretend that "this opportunity comes once in a lifetime", although in reality I'm just going for a jog on a Tuesday afternoon.

Citizen Erased - Muse //

Another nostalgic favourite here as I was obsessed with the album it's off, Origin of Symmetry, for at least 2 years back in school. It still gets me pumped and it's long enough for me to get a good kilometre done while listening to it.

Stronger - Kanye West //

Pretty much because Kanye pointedly assures me that that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger, which is good during the last, hellish half of the run.

Holdin' On - Flume //

Again, this song is here for some lyrical inspiration - having someone yell at me "YOU KEEP HOLDING ON, YOU KEEP HOLDING ON" is pretty strong motivation.

Me and You - Nero //

On the Nike+ App that I use, you can pick your "power song" for when you really want to go hard and this is mine. This is a more recent addition to the playlist after hearing it in a few Les Mills classes at the gym. It's what I listen to for the last kilometre of the run and when I hear it I know I have to just grin and bear it, I'm almost home.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek into my iTunes library! Please let me know what your favourite workout songs are, my list definitely needs an update.

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