Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nail polishes every girl should own

Few things make me feel more elegant than a good manicure.  That being said, there are certain shades I gravitate towards depending on the occasion or my mood, and they form my essential nail 'wardrobe'.

simple nude // These colours are what I reach for when I'm in doubt - if I don't want anything that's going to clash with my outfit, if I want something pared-back and classy for a job interview, or if I just cannot decide. Everyone's idea of nude varies: I like a pale milky pink, like Sally Hansen "Bamboo Shoot" but Nails Inc "Porchester Square" - a mushroom grey - is also an excellent nude. Look for something not too different from the colour of your nails naturally that subtly adds a touch of colour.

A classic red // You may disagree, but I feel like there is always an appropriate occasion for red nail polish - I think that scarlet nails are the perfect accompaniment if you're wearing all black, for instance.  My pick is Rimmel Salon Pro in "Rock n Roll".

A variety of pale milky colours: Essie in "Lilacism", Rimmel 60 Seconds in "Breakfast in Bed", Revlon Parfumerie in "Apricot Nectar", Barry M Nail Paint in "Blueberry", Essie in "Mint Candy Apple".

A good selection of 'everyday' colours // The bulk of my collection is variations of the same colour. I have quite the variety of pastel blues, pinks, mints and purples that I have on constant rotation (see the above photo!). I gravitate towards pastels, but choose what colours you feel happiest in and invest in some beautiful polishes you'll look forward to wearing.

A glitter polish // Granted, opportunities to appropriately wear glitter polish are few and far between. However, come Christmas time, it's obligatory! I like Nails Inc "Knightsbridge Road" and Essie's "On A Silver Platter" (see my review here). They are very difficult to remove, but if you're going to wear it just once a year, it's not that big of a deal.

Obviously, every woman is different and has different preferences - you might very well prefer going bare nailed. However, I feel that these colours are a good basic collection for someone getting into nail polish for the first time, or if you want to feel put together no matter what the occasion.
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