Tuesday, 12 May 2015

New hair resolutions

Recently, I got a few inches chopped off my hair which prompted a bit of a re-think about how I treat my hair. I'd gone far too long without a cut because I didn't want to lose the length, but it was in a pretty dismal state by the end - very dry, splitting and brittle.

Now that my hair is looking a bit better, I've resolved to change up a few things in my haircare routine to get it back to good health.

More regular cuts //
Yes, I know, such a rookie error - you're not going to get anywhere by leaving your hair to grow without cutting off damage. I'm making sure I'm at the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks from now on.

Washing it less often //
After watching Axelle from Style Playground's video about how she keeps her hair looking luscious (she has perfect hair), I was inspired to try washing my hair less frequently. I average about every two days while she goes three or four without, as shampooing can dry out your hair and induce your scalp to over-produce oil. I can do three at a push without going insane at the moment - hopefully it pays off.

Wearing it in a plait while I sleep //
I always knew that braiding your hair before bedtime kept the moisture in and placed less strain on your hair, but I found it a bit fussy and opted usually for a high ponytail or bun. But I realised that not only was this leaving a weird kink in my hair in the morning, it was making it oilier and knottier and probably doing a fair bit of damage as well. I'm going to make the effort to plait it, and have the pleasure of waking up with manageable, wavy hair.

Using too much product //
I'd always been told I had "thick hair" - as in, I have a lot of hairs of my head - but I never really realised until my hairdresser told me recently that each strand is very fine. Consequently, by loading up with heavy shampoos and conditioners, treatments, oils, serums, mousses and sprays, I probably wasn't doing much good. I've switched to a lighter set of products - shampoo, conditioner and a bit of leave-in conditioner - and my hair is feeling a lot cleaner and softer.

One day I'll have the amazing, non-frizzy, long hair I've dreamt of all my life but for the moment, I'm content with my slightly-improved hair situation.
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