Sunday, 26 July 2015

Back to the grindstone

Today is my last day of freedom before university goes back (sigh) so I am trying to get myself as excited as possible, which is not the easiest task.

One thing I do at the beginning of each semester is make a list of all my assessments and their due dates. It can be overwhelming if you have your assignments and tests scattered throughout your individual unit schedules, so I recommend you compile them into one place to avoid chaos further into the semester.

I've mentioned before my firm belief that beautiful stationery is a powerful motivator so check out some of my favourite notebooks and stickers here. No new semester starts well without nice new stationery.

Having my bag prepared the night before helps me feel less stressed so I've got my navy blue pliage bag from Longchamp ready to go. You do see them everywhere on campus but they really are the ideal size for carrying about my laptop, textbooks, lunch and whatever else I need with me.

And of course, doing a face mask never fails to cheer me up - my pick is the rose mask from Sephora, a super moisturising sheet mask that gets my skin hydrated.

I'm going to have an early night and I wish my fellow students a happy new semester!
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