Friday, 31 July 2015

What's in my handbag? Shopping in the city

Packing the perfect handbag to accompany you out shopping is a fine art. You don't want to bring too much and have to lug about a heavy handbag along with your shopping. But you don't want to be under prepared either. Here are my handbag essentials!

Water // Dehydration zaps energy for getting around the city, so having water on me at all times is a must. It can be a bit heavy at first, which is an impetus to getting drinking and keep hydrated.

Snacks // Hours on end of shopping tends to make me hungry. I like to come prepared so I don't have to buy expensive food when I'm out. My go-to snacks are bananas (healthy, but get easily squished) or chocolate bars (far less healthy, but the packaging stays intact).

Simple lip products // A red lip is not ideal for trying on clothes, you have to be quite acrobatic to make sure you don't get it on what you're pulling over your head. So I urge you to stick to something simple, like the Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector from Clarins.

Phone with photos // I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to outfit inspiration (find it here!) but for ease of access I've created a folder in my phone with ideas for what I might like to purchase.

Vouchers // This handbag conveniently comes with a handy pouch where I store vouchers and coupons, so they're always on-had when I'm out shopping.

Notebook for your to-do list // I can't get by without a good list and I'll always write one for the errands I need to run and the shops I need to go to, so I don't forget to do something.

Don't forget your wallet and keys as well, and you're ready to go. What are the indispensable items in your handbag for when you're out in the city?
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