Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Beauty habits: longer nails

Up until recently, I couldn't bear having long nails - as soon as they passed my fingernails, I'd just have to chop them off. They tend to get in the way and make a lot of things - kneading bread, opening containers, using lip balm from pots - much more difficult.

Since turning 22, I've decided I no longer want stubby nails and that long nails are much more 'grown up'; I suppose it's how I pictured myself adult when I was little. And there's something about long nails that seem much more elegant than their shorter counterparts, maybe in part because it sacrifices convenience for beauty.

I won't pretend it wasn't difficult to get used to, and I have had a few infuriating and painful nail breakages. I've been making a concentrated effort to strengthen my nails, by taking Hair, Skin and Nails tablets daily and using Revitanail Nail Strengthener in between nail colours.

It's very satisfying to accomplish something a 'beauty resolution', especially as I've had little success with others (notably: teaching myself to sleep on my back - please send advice). Like much with beauty, this is a habit that requires some perseverance but having long nails no longer horrifies me - and I think my hands look far prettier as a result.
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