Friday, 9 October 2015

Beauty supplements I take daily

I've been intrigued by supplements since I was young as they seemed to promise to make you healthier, stronger, prettier, more energised and more in one little pill. I know now a lot of what is on the pharmacy shelves has only minimal effect and that most of your nutrition should come from food - that being said, I don't always eat a perfect, varied diet and there are some supplements I take to top me up. Beauty is as much about what you put into your body as what you put on it, so luckily these supplements bring a host of aesthetic benefits as well. Here's a peek into my pillbox...

Fish Oil//
I try to get a good amount of salmon, flaxseed and avocado in what I eat but taking a supplements means I'm always covered. Omega-3 fatty acids are brilliant for keeping the heart and joints in top shape, and also do wonders for keeping skin youthful.

Hair, skin and nails tablets//
I'm a bit of a floozy with these - I've taken gelatin pills and zinc tablets in the past as well as the standard 'hair, skin and nails' offerings. Regardless of the brand, the idea is the same: to get stronger nails, thicker hair and clear skin, commonly with ingredients such as zinc, silicon and biotin. While my hair hasn't grown faster since I've been using these daily, my roots certainly feel thicker and healthier.

Iron //
Women are often iron deficient and I am no exception. I take the Spatone Natural Liquid Iron sachets, which although not far from tasting nice, work well at making me feel human again. I always take a Vitamin C tablet straight after as it helps mask the metallic aftertaste of the iron and also helps supercharge iron absorption - wins all around. I find that when my iron levels are in check, I don't have such dark under eye circles so they serve an aesthetic purpose as well!

I have also taken a fascinating little supplement called astaxanthin (which apparently is what makes shellfish pink), an antioxidant that helps reinforce the skin against sun damage. I'm already vigilant with my sun protection, but as the weather gets warmer it's an optimal time for me to start taking these again.

I take these supplements daily - luckily, I'm pretty good at remembering, but I know there are iPhone apps that remind you everyday at the same time to take them if you're a bit forgetful. I am by no means an expert in nutrition, and I just wanted to share what I personally take that works well for me. I would very much appreciate any recommendations on additional supplements to take or brands I should seek out - so please do share below.
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