Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Blogs to read to improve your french

I'd say I've got a fairly good level of French (thanks in no small part to my boyfriend, Thibault, who is constantly helping me, correcting my conjugations and explaining the passé simple for the umpteenth time). That being said, I'm still learning (probably always will be), and one way I like to do so is by reading Francophone blogs. There is, of course, an appropriate time for serious study, but it's always more enjoyable when you're reading about Caudalie face mists than from out of a textbook, isn't it?

Carnet Prune

Angéline's blog is scrapbook of beauty, travel, food and little snippets of her life. She creates iPhone wallpapers she designed for her readers and her beauty favourites are adorably called "Les P'tits Chouchous". Her blog is a gorgeous, dreamy world to lose yourself in and her posts aren't too difficult to understand, either.

Garance Doré

If you're not already familiar, Garance Doré is a fashion, wellness and pop culture website, always at the forefront of what's à la mode at any given time. Garance herself has previously collaborated with Rifle Paper Co and has recently teamed up with Equipment (how gorgeous does this look?). Look here for interviews with impossibly chic people, street style, city guides, and my favourite, the Del Val - a weekly roundup of interesting links from across the internet.

If you are struggling, all articles are also available in English, so you can cross-reference the difficult bits.

Style Playground

Axelle has been my hair crush since I discovered her blog and YouTube at the beginning of the year - it is so thick, shiny and always looks perfect, and I'm immeasurably jealous. Putting aside her hair for a moment, Style Playground is a sophisticated mix of product reviews and personal style that I love to read. She also has her blog and YouTube in English, so a good idea is to watch the video first in English, then pop over for the French version, and it'll be easier to understand.

So, here are my pick of blogs that make learning French pleasurable, not dull! As always, I'd love your suggestions of anymore blogs to follow, I'm always on the look out for new reads.
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