Friday, 2 October 2015

Where to go for online health and fitness inspiration

I joined a new gym a few weeks ago and so have been in desperate need of motivation. What with severely sore muscles, not being able to do stairs for days after going back to BodyPump, and feeling a lot more tired, my initial enthusiasm wore off somewhat. Luckily, there are a whole host of websites and social media accounts that provide a much needed dose of inspiration that I know I can rely on.

Australian website Sportluxe incorporates health and fitness into a broader, sophisticated lifestyle - there are healthy recipes and interesting health articles, fitness trends and the best of workout fashion. Another great website is HBFit which is the brainchild of Hannah Bronfman, who you might recognise as one of Clinique's Face Forward girls (alongside Tavi Gevinson and Margaret Zhang). HBFit is very much along the same lines as Sportluxe, combining food, fitness, style and beauty. I see these sites as for the woman who views fitness as an extension of their grooming routine and aren't willing to sacrifice style for function.

One of my (many) guilty pleasures is Made in Chelsea - but regardless of whether you're a fan or not, Millie Mackintosh's Instagram, jam-packed with photos of her daily workouts, interspersed with shots from her glamorous life (think endless parties and holidays), will want to make you get moving. I've become a bit obsessed with plaiting my hair like she does in this photo as it's practical yet chic.

Madeleine Shaw has been on my radar since Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup raved about her a few months back - she's a food blogger who talks about getting 'the glow' through eating whole, uncomplicated ingredients. She's a great source of information for anyone who wants to make simple choices to improve their diet and I personally like her Youtube channel where she shares easy recipes and 'tips' videos on how to better your lifestyle. In the murky 'clean eating'-sphere, Madeleine is an accessible and non-judgmental source of information.

I'm rapidly discovering a lot of new Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow and I'd be interested to hear which one's you like, so please do share below.
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