Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Soap and Glory: some favourite buys

Soap and Glory is a wonderful brand and one I fear doesn't get enough attention here in Australia. In its native UK, it's sold widely in Boots, whilst on Australian shores, a reduced range of products is stocked at Kit.

Despite its limited availability here, I'd definitely recommend you seek out their products. They're not much more expensive than shower gels from the supermarket, but are much more luxurious and smell delicious. I've previously used (and loved) the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, which smells exquisite (just like maple syrup!). In my bathroom at the moment, I've got the Clean On Me shower gel on the go, as well as the Flake Away body scrub, which manages to be exfoliating yet wonderfully creamy at the same time. I'd also recommend their Righteous Butter and their Hand Food, which both sport the signature Soap and Glory 'pink' fragrance (think citrus and soft summer fruits).

The cheeky names and the pink, retro packaging may not be to everyone's tastes, I think the products inside can hold their own against the harshest of critics (i.e. my boyfriend, who is Clean On Me's newest fan). I know that if I'm ever stuck as to what body butter or scrub to use next, Soap and Glory will have one that won't disappoint. I'm particularly interested to try more from their Smoothie Star range because that maple scent makes me feel so cosy and relaxed.

Please send your Soap and Glory recommendations my way! I'm keen to try more of the range.
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