Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Jo Malone Cologne and Body Creme Duo

For this past Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a most beautiful gift from Jo Malone: a Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, paired with a jar of Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Crème. It sat for a few weeks, taunting me from under the tree, so I was overjoyed to be able to finally use it come Christmas morning.

I actually had chosen my present (as Thibault had as well), so I knew what was wrapped in that yellowy-cream box. I had wanted a perfume and a body lotion I could layer to create a unique scent, so I spent a little while at the Jo Malone counter, considering all the possible combinations of their fragrances. The Peony & Blush Suede Cologne seemed an obvious choice given my love of that flower, and as it is a beautiful, floral scent suited for everyday wear. The body crème was selected to add warmth and depth - it manages to be simultaneously rich and light, the saltiness offset by a grapefruit note. I have never used such a nourishing body lotion and the scent of both products lingers for upwards of six hours (indeed, fragrance lasts much longer on moisturised skin).

It's definitely a pair I'd chose for a cocktail party or a chic restaurant, but it's also fresh enough to wear as a luxurious everyday combination. Oh, and the little cologne bottle and weighty body crème jar look so gorgeous on my dressing table.

I'd be interested in trying more from Jo Malone - I also received a sample of their Blackberry & Bay Cologne which I've been enjoying wearing - so please share any favourites below.
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