Thursday, 24 March 2016

A chic (and easy) ponytail

Today, I have a simple yet elegant hair idea for you. I find many of the hairstyle ideas across the Internet over complicated for everyday wear or too 'out there' for my tastes - I can say wholeheartedly that I do not look good with fishtail plaits, for example. So I thought I'd share a hairstyle today that is simple, taking only seconds to complete, yet looking very clever and pretty. It's certainly a little trick I've added to my usual hair repertoire.

How to achieve it:

  • leave out a piece of 5 cm thick hair on either side of you face and pull your hair back to a normal ponytail;
  • pull the two pieces back flat across your head;
  • wrap one piece across the top and underneath the ponytail (how many times you do this will depend on the length of your hair). Repeat with the other piece, in the other direction;
  • pin the two pieces into place, taking care to pin in the ends - a hand mirror will come in handy here.
I have to thank the Daily Connoisseur for inspiration as this is a variation on her chic chignon tutorial. She has a variety of gorgeous hair ideas on her channel; I thoroughly recommend that you have a look.

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