Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A month without shopping

I am quite a busy person - between full-time university, part-time work, family, friends and a dog, I tend to have a lot going on. While bemoaning that I can't dedicate more of my time to pursuing hobbies, I noticed that a decent portion of my free time was being taken up shopping. And when I say "shopping", I actually mean aimlessly wandering around looking at items, but often not buying a thing.

I know I'm far from being alone in enjoying window shopping or trying a blush on the back of my hand for the umpteenth time. As a student with a limited budget, this somewhat satisfies the desire in me to acquire new, beautiful things - but not entirely. On a recent trip to Melbourne, I went back to the new Smythson counter at least five times in two days to stare at their gorgeous leather goods, leaving each time empty-handed. Am I alone in doing this?

I realised that for me, my primary form of relaxation and leisure was this "wandering-around-shopping-centres" habit, yet there were so many other things I wanted to do during my leisure time. So, as a challenge for myself, I'm not going to shop for a month and instead reallocate that time to cooking, crafting and cultural activities. I attended a wonderful calligraphy workshop last weekend and I'm keen to use the time I'd otherwise waste perfecting my technique. I've also got a blanket I've been knitting since late-2014 that I can't wait to get finished.

Am I alone in this shopping habit? Let me know your thoughts on my challenge below - I'd love to hear your opinion.
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