Thursday, 28 April 2016

A month without hair tools

A little while ago, I told you that I'd endeavour to not go shopping for a month, in an effort to curb my "window shopping" habit. For the most part, it was a successful experiment. Whenever I was tempted to go out to the shops to keep myself occupied, I tried instead to do something more productive and fulfilling, be it going for a walk, cooking a new recipe, or tidying and organising (which I secretly relish). I appreciate much more my trips to the shops now, as I'm better at getting my errands done quickly and not be faffing about the place for hours.

My next challenge is a beauty-related one - to go a month without using heated hair tools, including straighteners, blowdryers and curlers.

My hair has been my beauty bugbear all my life; indecisive in texture - is it wavy? curly? - with a few random patches of ringlets thrown in for good measure. It's naturally frizzy and dries out easily, and over the years, I've not taken as good care of it as I should have. I'd gotten into a pretty poor hair regimen (too much blowdrying, too few hair treatments), and found myself in a vicious hair cycle. My hair looked unpresentable because it was damaged, so I used heat, which further damaged it, and on it went. I recently have pretty much mastered blowdrying my hair, a skill that has evaded me for years, so that's an upside; but I now have many split ends, which I'm less joyous about. As you can imagine, I'm keen to give my hair some much needed attention. 

In the photo above, I've done nothing to my hair - I air dried it yesterday and tied in a plait overnight, so it's a touch wavier than usual. I stopped dying my hair a year ago -  it's coloured from around my ears downwards and I'm keen for it to finally grow out. Overall, I'm aiming for softness, longness and less frizziness.
My plan of action is as follows: in addition to forgoing hair tools, I'll also regularly be - 
  • giving myself head massages, which apparently encourages hair growth,
  • using a nourishing mask 2-3 a week, and
  • spritzing on a daily hydrating oil, that also serves as SPF protection - it's not just our skin that is sun-sensitive!
I'll have to devise some more heatless hairstyles to keep my hair tidy (here's one I love already), but I dearly wish that one day with enough care and attention, air-drying alone will give me soft, sleek-ish locks. I'll be reporting back mid-May with my results, and hopefully I'll be well on my way to having a mane like my hair idol, the Duchess of Cambridge. Here's hoping!
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