Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Little joys

I spend a lot of time here talking about beautifully-scented creams, gorgeous pots of nail polish and posh tea. Lovely things, of course - but they require a trip to the department store and money to attain. So I wanted to dedicate some space on my blog to celebrating three things that don't cost a thing that bring me pleasure on a daily basis.

Walks with Thibault
We recently moved to a different part of our neighbourhood - an older area, with lots of picturesque little cottages and pretty gardens. Thibault and I have been making the most of the cooler weather by going on walks every evening, trying to take a different route each time to canvas the whole neighbourhood. It's a wonderful time to talk about what we've gotten up to that day, to discuss politics and to share anecdotes and stories we've heard. I've also scoped out a lot of fruit trees in the area - so far, I've found mango, lemon, passionfruit, grape and tomato vines. Technically, if they overhang the fence, you can legally pick the fruit, but do be judicious. If you're in Perth, there's a rather clever map of many public fruit trees in the metropolitan area.

My local library
Recently I revisited my local library after not paying a visit in a few years, and I wondered why it took me so long to return - as you can see, I borrowed Henry James's The Portrait of a Lady. I'm a big advocate of bookshops, but I also appreciate being able to read books without the added burden of having a book you didn't particularly enjoy taking up space on your shelves forevermore. Libraries are wonderful places; warm, comforting and communal.  Municipal libraries often put on interesting talks and interviews with authors, which is something I hope to benefit from at my local library in the future.

Making bread from scratch
Not entirely free - you have to purchase the ingredients at the beginning - but much less expensive than a designer loaf from an upmarket bakery. Making bread at homes guarantees you know exactly what is going into your loaf and allows you to customise the recipe to your needs and tastes. So far, I've made basic white loaves, baguettes and sourdough, and I dream of experimenting with different flours, seeds and shapes (think braided loaves, pumpernickel and Irish soda bread). Making the dough is easier than I had anticipated, and kneading it can help relieve stress. 

Do share some of your simple pleasures below.

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