Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Dior Nail Glow: the secret to perfect natural nails

My approach to beauty is, quite simply, to embellish and perfect my features to make myself look nicer; I think I've watched most of the "no-makeup makeup" tutorials YouTube has to offer. My style of makeup, give or take a few liquid cat flicks and occasional red lips, is very au naturel. So when a product proposes to make me prettier all while looking 100% natural, I am immediately interested. Such is what is promised by Dior's Nail Glow - a little pot of transparent, rosy polish - and it has so far lived up to my expectations.

It's what Dior dub a "nail enhancer" - intended to make your bare nails look healthier. It certainly intensifies the pink of my nail bed and the white of my tips, giving the look of a French manicure without appearing artificial or cheap. Most noticeable is how it enhances the shine of my nails - they are smooth and glossy, as though I've been diligently buffing and tending to them for hours.

Since first applying Nail Glow, I've had my doubts about its efficacy - my nails look so natural that I sometimes have feared it's nothing more than a glorified top coat. But I cannot deny that there is a marked difference in the colour and shine of my polished and unpolished nails, the latter definitely looking in much better condition.

 I'm glad to have Nail Glow in my nail products collection for when I want groomed nails without opting for coloured varnishes, or for when I'm short on time. Plus, it's a cinch to apply - it dries quickly and you can be finished in one coat (although you can amplify the effect with two or three layers). Alongside my tinted moisturisers and cream blushes, Dior's Nail Glow has secured a firm place in my arsenal of "no-makeup makeup" products that make me look polished without being obvious.

If you've tried it, do tell me your thoughts on Nail Glow down below!
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