Thursday, 5 May 2016

Lavender products for calm and comfort

Is there a scent more comforting than lavender? Perhaps rosemary, or freshly-baked bread, but I find it difficult to think of much else to rival it. I've always loved lavender, both for its fragrance and its aesthetics; whenever I come across a bush, it's hard for me to resist picking a twig to put behind my ear or crushing the fragrant petals in my hand. Naturally, I gravitate towards lavender-scented beauty products, my favourites being those that are authentic to the flower's natural perfume to the point of photorealism. And while I favour fruit and citrus scents in the morning, lavender products are perfect for winding down the day.

First off is my beloved eye mask from Holistic Silk, which is padded with lavender. These pockets lie right next to my nose as I'm falling asleep and are just fragrant enough without being overbearing. A light squeeze of the pockets every few nights helps to refresh the lavender smell.

My second favourite is L'Occitane's Lavender Shower Gel. As I take my shower in the evening, I figured that a lavender bath product would be perfect to make my evening routine more soothing. And I certainly wasn't disappointed; it's beautifully and heavily perfumed with French lavender, and the scent lingers on your skin longer than other shower gels I've tried. I'm keen to try the accompanying body lotion, but I am conscious that this may well be lavender overkill.

I'm planning a trip to our local nursery this week to pick up a pot (or two) of lavender so I can always have some to smell in my garden - I just adore the stuff. What is your favourite relaxing scent?
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