Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May Favourites

Another month, another favourites post. I'm seriously considering doing my next month favourites (that is, my June roundup) as a video as I think it'd be a more logical format. That said, I'm quite terrified of filming YouTube videos - I tried my hand before and found it less easy than simply writing - so any encouragement/tips would be greatly appreciated.

So, let's get started on my top rated picks from the past month.

First is a new base favourite - Chanel's Vitalumière Aqua. I'd long been interested in this item as I'd been impressed by Chanel face products before, but had been put off buying it as I'd heard the longevity wasn't great. After much research (read: scrolling through Makeup alley and blog reviews, and numerous trips to my nearest Chanel counter), I decided that the Vitalumière Aqua was the best offering in the Chanel range for what I was after: a light coverage that is dewy and second-skin-like. This definitely delivers, and while it doesn't last as long as, say, Estée Lauder's Double Wear Foundation, it doesn't disappear off my face in the space of an hour either. Plus, I don't tend to need my foundation to last for 16 hours at a time, so this serves me perfectly.

Next up is my latest nail obsession: Dior's Nail Glow. I've already reviewed it here, but let me just say that it is perfect "undone" nails in a bottle. The best part is that you don't have to redo your nails every few days as it's so subtle that a few chips here and there aren't noticeable at all.

My final makeup favourite of the month is one that I've had lingering in my dressing table for over a year now that has yet to receive the love it deserves on my blog. Clarins' Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in 01 rose is the ideal product to keep in your handbag for touchups throughout the day - you don't need a mirror to apply it, it imparts a subtle but pretty colour and it's very nourishing to the lips. It's one of those items that because they're not a flashy colour or unusual, new texture you might overlook; I certainly gave mine no attention here on the blog until now. But it's definitely weaseled itself into my favourite "easy but chic" lip products in my collection.

You may have seen a while back that I've been trying to get my hair back in good condition by avoiding heated hair tools. I gave myself a month to do so, but although it's well over five weeks since I set myself the challenge, I've continued on with it. While I may have some awkwardly wavy, fringy bits that desperately need straightening, I'm determined to rehabilitate my hair. To help along the process, I bought Kérastase's Ciment Anti-Usure Strengthening anti-breakage cream, which is a protein-rich conditioner for damaged hair. I'm usually reluctant to shell out so much for a rinse-out product, but this is quite marvellous - my hair does feel a lot softer and less dry when I use it. I make sure not to wash it out completely so as to get maximum effect, but do be wary if you have fine, limp hair - I've read it can be a bit too "heavy" if you don't rinse it out thoroughly.

Finally, a non-beauty favourite and, surprise surprise, it's more tea! Kusmi is one of my most beloved tea brands and I was thrilled to discover their Label Impérial while snooping about the tea section of my local department store. While not necessarily obvious from the name, it's a green tea mixed with orange, vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice and sea buckthorn berries (no, I didn't know what that was either until I bought it and googled it). It smells quite heady and very wintery - the spicy orange scent is quite Christmassy, actually. It's not too sickly sweet, though, when brewed, but the taste is definitely warming. While I like green tea with lemongrass and mint to kick off my day in the summer, this is definitely my winter morning drink of choice.

Please do share your favourites of the month below!
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