Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The best-smelling products in my beauty cabinet

Of course, a good scent does not a great product make, but I strongly believe it is an essential part of an enjoyable beauty routine. I seek out scents in every part of my daily life; I am obsessed with perfume, tea and cooking, which all allow provide me much olfactory pleasure. It's only natural that this interest should extend to my beauty cabinet.

There are many people who are fervently against perfume in skincare products, or who are allergic or sensitive to it, which I do understand; however, fragrance-free products tend to leave me cold. Whenever I'm at a beauty counter, I'm often swayed by the best-smelling products, although this is obviously not my primary consideration. I was recently told that our skin reacts best to products with scents we like, and I cannot think of an example to disprove this (although I'm certain this isn't universally true; I just find it to be a charming idea). There is something so luxurious in using a product that works and smells beautifully - the following products are brilliant in their own right, with the added bonus of all smelling divine.

I'll proceed in order of my normal skincare routine, starting with cleanser. The Oskia Perfect Cleanser smells just like a range of now discontinued products I was in love with as a little girl that were sold at David Jones; I think the brand was the Body Company, or a variation thereof (if anyone can remember, please do let me know). It is rosy like their Renaissance Cleansing Gel, but while the gel smells just like turkish delight in a bottle, the Perfect Cleanser is more citrusy and fruity. The cleanser itself is divine; it's a very rich, hydrating balm that can be used directly on dry skin for a deeper clean, but I prefer to dampen my face first and to emulsify it to make a milk. A gorgeous product with a refreshing and light scent.

Darphin's Hydraskin Rich is targeted at drier skins, but I find it makes for a perfect base for long-lasting makeup in the day, and a nourishing moisturiser at night for my not-so-dry skin. It's packed with mango and kiwi fruit extracts - in short, it smells deliciously tropical and uplifting. I love its whipped-cream texture - quite possibly the softest cream I've ever used - that leaves the skin hydrated  but not weighed down.

Anyone battling dehydrated skin should make a beeline for their nearest Clarins counter to purchase their Blue Orchid Oil; my skin now feels naked if I go to bed without a few drops of it. One of the loveliest aspects of this product is its scent of patchouli and orchid oil; unlike the above, fruity products, this oil has a potent scent that calms me instantly. It's the ideal facial oil for the colder months as the fragrance is very warming and comforting, almost aromatherapeutic. I'm now on my second bottle and I don't think I could ever tire of the scent; I swear my shoulders drop a few inches every time I open the bottle.

Moving away facial products, I just had to mention Dior's Crème Abricot. As the name suggests, this nail cream smells exactly like apricot nectar - absolutely delectable - and most importantly, it's the product I credit with rehabilitating my sad, chipped nails over the past couple of months. It's a very concentrated product and I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use; not that it would make your nails any worse, it would just be wasteful. I find applying it once or twice a week on unpainted nails is perfectly sufficient to keep my fingertips nice and nourished. In the meantime, I enjoy opening the little pot and inhaling its creamy, sweet scent.

So there you have it - a pick of some brilliant beauty products that both work wonders, and smell like posh perfume. I hope you take a moment today to enjoy the scents of your skincare products, as I know I will. Please do tell me about your favourite-scented products below!
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