Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Ballet Beautiful: workouts fit for a ballerina

While I once was a regular gym-goer, I've lost my enthusiasm for having to go elsewhere to get my exercise in. I then turned to running, which, although being free and not requiring me to go anywhere but out my front door, was a bit too repetitive for my liking.

I seem to have found the best of both worlds with Ballet Beautiful, which is my new fitness obsession. The workouts have been created by ballerina Mary Helen Bowers and are loved by models and actresses around the world (you can watch Lily Aldridge get her Ballet Beautiful on from 0:21 in this video). But don't be fooled - it's not all tutus and dance moves. While it consists of simple, repetitive (and graceful) movements, it is very gruelling. I worked out yesterday and today it hurts to walk, stand and laugh.

The best bit is that you can roll out a yoga mat and exercise all in the comfort of your own home. As it's getting much cooler as Australia heads into the winter months, this is a godsend - I no longer have to spend half an hour or so psyching myself up to go out into the freezing morning air.

For the moment, I've being working through these 15-minute routines - I can manage one or two videos a day, but I'm not fit enough to cope with anything longer. Although once I'm stronger, I'll try out one of her classic 60-minute routines.

So there you have it - the elegant workout for those who'd rather not venture outside to get their 30 minutes a day. I may never be a ballerina, but I can certainly exercise like one.

First photo credit: Ballet Beautiful
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