Saturday, 25 June 2016

My new rosy lips favourite

I recently resolved that my ideal lip colour is something a little pinky, just a touch darker than my natural lip colour. I've got relatively dark lips and very pale skin, so going for anything lighter than my complexion makes me look off. While I adore my pinky, beigey lipsticks for everyday wear (here's my compilation of my favourite products), I feel prettiest wearing rose colours.

Because of this, Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupté Shine in 5 has become an instant favourite. I was looking for a product akin to my beloved Lipstick Queen Medieval, which is nearing its end (although I will most certainly be going to buy a replacement once I finish it, I can't imagine being without it). The Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is far more pink than Medieval, but it has a similar rosy undertone. Both lipsticks can both be sheer and built up to quite a full finish. I tend to prefer to pat them in lightly for a light lip stain, and they last for a few hours on me. When worn opaquely, they both have a glossy shine - and they're very soft and comfortable on the lips.

It really is an instant complexion brightener - my eyes look bluer and my skin looks less washed out. It's a good pick for when you're feeling (and looking tired), and I can tell you I was reaching for it a lot during my recent university exams. It's a rosy, romantic twist on my usual natural lip look.

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