Thursday, 30 June 2016

My top three cleansers of the moment

You know you're in a good place skincare-wise when you consistently reach for the same few products without batting an eyelid, and the whole process becomes second nature. I've experimented with loads of different products in the past but I've gotten into a reliable and fairly fuss-free routine of late with these three cleansers. All very good, not too stripping - they get the job done, but each accomplishes slightly different things. I thought I'd give you an overview of my current cleansing routine as well as a rundown of how I personally like to use each of these cleansers on an everyday basis. 

On days I'm not wearing makeup, or as a first cleanse on days that I am, I've been enjoying using First Aid Beauty's Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser. It's a light lotion that takes little effort to emulsify and can be removed perfectly without a flannel (and some evenings I can't be bothered with an elaborate hot cloth cleansing regimen). It's fragrance free, which I know is vital to some people, but really, I like it mostly for its ease of use and efficiency.

Oskia's Perfect Cleanser, on the other hand, is a much heavier consistency - it's quite a thick balm that needs a good amount of elbow grease to become oily enough to cleanse the skin. Unlike other thinner balms, I always use it with a splash of water, as otherwise it would pull to much on the skin. As you may suspect, this is the ideal product for thorough, deep cleansing, and actually is a wonderful choice for facial massage - it has enough "body" in it that it doesn't disappear or dry out mid-massage.

For a cleanser halfway between the First Aid Beauty and Oskia picks, I'd go for Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm. It smells gorgeous and spa-like, which is one of the reasons I use it on evenings where I want a little pampering without too much effort. It's a much oilier and more easily manipulatable texture than the Oskia offering, but with a bit of oomph than the FAB.
I'm onto my second pot, and I'm rationing it out as it's terribly difficult to obtain here in Australia - hopefully one day Mecca Cosmetica will also stock more of those elusive brands that Space NK offers.

If you're interested, I can do a similar roundup of my moisturisers or serums that I have in rotation at the moment - I haven't changed up my skincare in a little while, so I've really been able to form solid opinions of a few products. Let me know what your favourite cleansers are - I'd love to know!

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