Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Two beautiful bodycare products from Clarins

It's funny how we associate certain brands with particular specialities and overlook the rest of their range, despite it being perfectly good and worth investigating. For me, Clarins is where I go for excellent facial skincare - a good day of my beauty cabinet is made up of their cleansers, toners, oils and treatment products. But I'd like to recommend some of their bodycare products to you today, which have really impressed me lately. Coming from Clarins, I wasn't expecting to be anything but pleased; but I'm certainly more interested in checking out some of their non-skincare offerings.

The Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is a gorgeous, peach-scented moisturiser - it truly smells good enough to eat. I don't have particularly dry skin on my body, but I do prefer a richer texture, which this definitely has; I can imagine this being perfect for you if you suffer from flaky skin on your limbs. As well as being very hydrating, it also dries quite quickly and doesn't take forever to rub in - my ultimate bugbear with body lotions.

Unlike the body lotion, I don't like the scent of the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, but I've read many people who adore it so perhaps that's just me and my particular nose. But I can get past this as it is a lovely hand cream. It keeps everything hydrated for a long time, so I'm not constantly reaching for the tube to reapply on my parched hands. It certainly has been keeping my nails very glossy and strong since I started using it back in April; use it in conjunction with Dior's Crème Abricot, and you'll have very healthy hands indeed.

I have to mention these products' provenance - I got them both in a gift with purchase. The hand cream is 50mL; the body lotion is 100ml. They are not some stingy little samples - Clarins really do provide the most generous GWPs, and it certainly works in their favour. Now I've had the time to become properly enamoured with them, I am more likely to go out and purchase them knowing they've already served me well for a couple of months.

And likewise, I'm interested in checking out their other bodycare products - if you have any favourites you'd like to recommend to me, I'd be very pleased to hear them.
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