Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why you should start your mornings with lemon water

I'm sure you've come across many a magazine interview where a model or actress professes her love of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, claiming it's responsible in large part for their health and beauty. I certainly had, but I'd never seriously tried to adopt the habit until about a month ago. We are lucky enough to have a rather prolific Meyer lemon tree, and recently it's been producing a glut of fruit - much more than we know what to do with. Instead of making up as many batches of curd and lemon meringue pie as I could physically muster (my usual solution) it seemed like the right time to add this apparently miraculous tonic to my morning routine. While I'm unconvinced that lemon water will instantly transform you into a supermodel, but I've definitely seen some benefits over the past few weeks.

It's very simple to prepare - I juice one lemon into my cup, pour in a little hot water, and dilute it with cold water so I can consume it immediately. I can prepare and drink it all while cooking my breakfast (excellent multitasking), and it's a great way to warm myself up while stirring my porridge on chilly mornings. The most obvious advantage is hydration: it's an excellent idea to rehydrate yourself as soon as you can after getting up, and this is certainly a more delicious way to do so than to chug a glass of plain, cold water. In fact, I've recently grown rather fond of the sweet-and-sour taste of hot water and lemon, so it's far from being a chore.

It also is supposed to be marvellous for digestion and liver health, but I've been most impressed by how my skin has been since I got into this habit - it has consistently been clearer and more glowy than usual. On average, I usually get one spot a week, but thankfully I've had none since adopting this new habit; and since I haven't changed up my skincare for a while, I have to put this change down to my morning cup of lemon water. Vitamin C serums and masks are lauded as being the key to a radiant complexion, so I'm not surprised that drinking a good dose of it has a similar effect (and for much cheaper, too). In short: if you're looking for an easy and delicious shortcut to brighter skin, this could be a good tip to try.

Tell me: do you swear by hot water and lemon in the morning?

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