Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My favourite Kusmi teas of the moment

For those of you who have read this blog for a while, you'll know I drink quite a bit of tea - and one of my favourite tea brands is Kusmi. I was introduced to the brand two or three years ago by my boyfriend's mother while I was in France, but quickly discovered that it was also available in Australia (David Jones has a small but solid range of their teas). Although they're French, Kusmi is renowned for their Russian-style black teas and tisanes, although I really enjoy their green tea selection, too. I thought I'd share my favourite teas I've discovered so far from them, but please also share your picks as well - I'm always up for trying more!

Starting with green teas, I'm a bit obsessed with Label Impérial at the moment (I featured it in my May favourites if that's not enough proof of the matter). It's a spicy, warming blend of green tea, orange, cinnamon and vanilla. It's the perfect tea to wake you up on a cold, pitch black morning - I've got a lot of early starts at the moment so I can definitely attest to this.

Green tea with jasmine is a traditional tea blend, and a lovely staple to have in one's tea cupboard. I can't say it's the tea I'm the most obsessed about, but it's a good pick for when you don't want anything too overbearing or heady. Plus, the white blossoms mixed in with the tea leaves are so beautiful.

Boost is marketed as one of their tisanes (i.e. herbal tea blends) but I group it with the green teas as it's largely made up of the stuff, plus some maté, ginger and cardamon. This one can sometimes be a little too spicy for me - perhaps it's the ginger - but other days I adore it. This as well as Label Impérial are my favourite teas in the morning, likely because I'm keen to start my morning with a 'boost'.

An honourable mention goes to Detox which I've just finished, and as I've temporarily imposed on tea-buying moratorium in the hope of cutting back on my rather large tea collection, I've not repurchased yet. But I will definitely do so - it's probably my favourite Kusmi tea of them all, and the first I was ever introduced to. Like Boost, it's a tisane, again with maté and green tea but this time scented with lemongrass. It's refreshing, soothing, cooling and I'm itching to have it once more in my collection.

Now onto the black teas: Kashmir Tchaï, a chai tea. It's not one I reach for very often, but it's always a pleasure to drink, especially with some creamy milk and a dash of honey. My newest acquisition is Anastasia,  a beautiful Earl Grey enhanced by lemon and orange blossoms. Earl Grey is one of my most favourite tea blends, and this rendition has quickly risen to being a preferred choice in my collection.

Please share your favourite teas, from Kusmi or elsewhere. I always enjoy discovering new teas!
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