Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The nail polishes I've been wearing on rotation of late

Perhaps without even thinking about it, I've been reaching for the same three nail polish colours for the last couple of months since the early autumn. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to my nail colours and like to change them pretty frequently, so this is saying something. It's only fair these three got a mention today on the blog.

I really loved the miniature nail polish set Ciaté brought out in collaboration with Olivia Palermo I find her incredibly chic so I was of course very interested in her curated collection of nail colours. My pick of the set was Napa Valley, which Olivia Palermo dubs her "fall favourite", and I agree that it's the ideal shade for the cooler months - a deep burgundy, a bit vampier than a classic red colour. The only problem was that I found the brushes too thick and unwieldy. Everyone is always going on about how great it is to have a brush that can coat the whole nail in one go, and it seems that I'm one of about four people in the world who actually prefer thin brushes - if a brush is too wide, my shaky and imprecise hands inevitably end up painting the nail bed and sides, and the whole manicure is ruined! This is particularly problematic when you're using such a dark and noticeable shade. Thankfully, I sorted out a solution by trimming some of the hairs of either side of the brush which did the trick nicely. Please do let me know if you're also a thinner brush fan, because frankly, I feel like a lone voice in the beauty community.

Next up is So Much Fawn from Sally Hansen, which I first spied on my friend Steph's fingers in the late autumn. It is such an unusual colour, somewhere between a coral and a pink, and I find it very elegant. I was worried that it'd be unflattering on my skin as I've had trouble with brown-toned shades before, but it suits me wonderfully. The formulation is excellent and I chose it recently to wear for a week away - I didn't pack any nail polish remover and while I had to touch up a few chips on the edge of my nails, it pretty much lasted all week on its own.

The newest addition to the bunch is Ladylike from Essie, a slightly mauvey pink colour. I won't deny that I was swayed by the name - I'd searched for the limited edition Lady from Dior for months but with no success, so this seemed like the perfect choice instead. Funnily enough, they are both very similar colours, so I took it to be a sign. It is indeed very ladylike, very muted but feminine, and appropriate in almost every situation. Perhaps I will one day stumble across a bottle of Lady somewhere, but for now, I'm satisfied with Ladylike.

While I am enjoying these colours a lot, I'm now on the hunt for a classic, light pale pink polish! All the ones I've tried (Ciaté's Sundays, Essie's Spaghetti Strap) were wishy-washy, patchy and need far too many coats for my patience. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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