Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Body care favourites - and a Youtube video!

I'm so, so pleased to be writing this post as I've finally kept my promise and have made my first Youtube video! Well, I say first - about 18 months ago I made a few videos but they weren't on the camera I'm using now and the quality was very poor (I've made these videos private for now). I'm very excited about Youtube as it's an opportunity to make different and exciting content to what I've been doing on my blog. As you'll see from the video, I'm far from perfect - the angle isn't ideal, I say "as well" about a billion times - but I'm learning and will no doubt improve with every video. I aim to make a video a week, which I feel is a comfortable goal to set for the moment, with the hope of making videos more frequently in the future. Please feel free to give me feedback and ideas - all would be much appreciated. And happy watching!

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