Monday, 9 January 2017

Some favourite new bloggers and YouTubers from 2016

Despite being a bit of a Luddite in most respects, I'm very much a millennial when it comes to the entertainment I consume - I watch loads of YouTube videos on a daily basis and find them a constant source of knowledge and entertainment. So it's always a joy when I discover or am recommended new people or blogs that I can binge watch and read. I thought I'd put together a few that I've started to enjoy in 2016 in the hope that you'll like them, too - I can't wait to find whose channel or blog I'll be obsessed with in 2017!

First: YouTubers. makeupTIA is a definite favourite from the second half of the year and one whose videos I watch if I want something calming - there's something about Ashley's voice and the cosy ambience of her videos that instantly make me feel more relaxed and soothed. Her channel is an interesting mix of (often green and organic) beauty and style, plan with me videos and lifestyle bits. Her videos are visually gorgeous and often involve a bit of Rifle Paper Co., which makes me jealous as the range available in the US is so much wider than what we get in Australia. Her style and content remind me a lot of Style Playground, a YouTuber I became obsessed with in 2015, so if Ashley's channel is to your taste, I recommend that you check out Axelle as well.

Having until now watched almost exclusively beauty videos on YouTube, it was a delight to discover another thriving online community, that of "Booktube" - quite simply where people discuss and recommend books to read. The enthusiasm and passion of these people is palpable and they have definitely motivated me to read more, both in terms of diverse authors and genres, and sheer volume of books. That said, I am always wary of comparing my very modest reading statistics with their phenomenal ones as I inevitably end up feeling worse about myself; I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm just a slow reader and that's fine. Some of my favourite "Booktubers"are Booksandquills, Words of a Reader, and Jean BookishThoughts. Perfect viewing if you're in a reading rut.

There are two standout blogs from 2016 that both helped deepen my appreciation for and understanding of perfume. Strictly speaking, I believe I discovered Bois de Jasmin in the final days of 2015, so it's now been a whole year of my being utterly enchanted by this blog. The articles on perfume are informative and evocative, and I also enjoy the posts on tea, books, and the seasonal recipe collection. The photography and writing on the blog additionally never fail to inspire me. Through the Instagram of Victoria Frovola (Bois de Jasmin's founder) I discovered Life in a Cold Climate. I originally started to read Annikky's blog for her perfume recommendations (she inspired me to purchase Serge Lutens's Feminit√© du Bois, which I love), but now I also adore her cool style and very thorough skincare posts, and I always look forward to her book recommendations. She's fantastic to follow on Goodreads, too.

As always, I'd love to know who your favourite bloggers or YouTubers of the past year have been - I've found that invariably the best recommendations come through word of mouth so I'm very interested to hear.
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