Monday, 13 February 2017

Some favourite apps

This is going to be a very short post - although I've teasingly titled it "favourite apps", there are really only three that I'm really excited about. My phone is pretty light on apps as a general rule and the rest are a very stock standard mix of social media and the native apps that come with the phone. That being said, I thought it still worth the while to tell you about three apps I love and that I find interesting in the hope that you'll share your favourites with me - as with all things, the best finds are usually from personal recommendations.

I've mentioned this one on here before, but if you're a tea drinker and enjoy a variety of different teas, Mighty Timer is a gem. You list all the teas you drink regularly, categorise them according to type (green, black, oolong, etc), then plug in the brewing instructions - that is, for how long and at what temperature the tea should be brewed. It's not a necessity by any means but I always enjoy my cups of tea that much more when I know that I've prepared them perfectly. While there are physical tea timer gadgets that you can purchase, I think that the beauty of Mighty Timer is that it is so portable - you're probably always going to have your phone in your pocket or nearby, so it's much more convenient and perfect for when you're at work or travelling, too. Plus, as you can add in all the teas that you want, it's wholly customisable.

For years, I've relied on SelfControl, an indispensable app for Mac computers that blocks the Internet or certain sites for up to 24 hours, to help me to get through essays and exams without procrastinating. However, I'd invariably just pick up my phone to catch up with everything that I'd missed on Facebook and Instagram, thus rendering SelfControl pointless. A few months ago, my friend Peach mentioned Forest to me and how I wish I'd known about it years ago. The idea behind Forest is once you've turned it on for a chosen length of time, you plant a tree. You can't leave the app (although you can answer incoming calls) or else the tree dies; should you be able to resist and let the app run to the end, you are rewarded with leaves that you can use to buy fancier trees. The app's appeal lies in it being a bit of a game and while it may seemsomewhat childish, it has definitely helped me to procrastinate less.

If you listen to podcasts, then may I suggest you swap the native iPhone app for Pocket Casts? I first heard about it when Sanne from Booksandquills mentioned that it was her preferred podcast listening app here and I'm so pleased that I've got it. It boasts an elegant, user-friendly interface, but my favourite feature is that it doesn't auto-download episodes - you can pick and choose from the list of new releases which ones you are happy to use up valuable phone storage and data. I'm a convert.

What are your favourite apps?
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